After 102 weeks, I met again the honest driver who returned a bag full of toys I stupidly forgot (I need to go to school VERY early) that gloomy Saturday morning. Buena mano siya sa akin, ganda ng ngiti ni kuya, #MVBS na minamaneho niya. #faithrestoredtohumanity




Kamigami no Asobi Animate exclusive Tsukito volume 3 Blu-ray/DVD cover.

my ovaries just died. OMG, TSUKITO


Pass me my hat and monicle please

"You’ve worked very hard, haven’t you?" "Yes!"

so adorable :’(



Theory time again…




Paid people 

so these are the things Kurapika did to them…

he never mentioned killing them….

I think Neon was coaxed…. since gathering those eyes already made easier for him at the start… (9 eyes on her panel) and also the info she may have given him… and why would Kurapika still stay and manage the mafia business if he killed them??? O_o

So I think this theory might be the possible one since, I still see Neon merchandise around and also on the movie where I was surprised she is there…

Kurapica’s Judgement Chain has the restriction that it is only to be used on members of the Genei Ryodan and he’s trained for it extensively, so while he’s obviously capable of fighting without it using his blades, it makes sense that he would avoid a fatal confrontation with other people.

… also, Kurapica was deeply disturbed by his first kill. Although he might be growing accustomed to this darkness, I still don’t think he has it in him to kill people who had no real hand in killing his clan, even if they bought stolen parts of their desecrated bodies.

( I wonder if Kurapica will be able to take care of himself after this is finished or if he just won’t know what to do with himself… )

and hes the leader of that organization now… made me wonder more…

Cavendish defends Rebecca

and so i ship them…..