*Newtype or Animage scan 

right now I dont know what the scans mean…

1)first picture from Akito the Exiled

2)pic from Lelouch of the Rebellion…

Looks the same but…. different castle…

3)pic of Knights of Round 

Suzaku - Knight of Seven (Charles time) , Knight of Zero (Lelouch reign)

Bismark - Knight of One

Gino - Knight of 3

Dorothea - Knight of four

Anya - Knight of six

Nonnette - Knight of 9

Luciano - knight of ten

Monica - Knight of twelve

Knights of Round info from Code Geass wiki…

4) From Akito the Exiled poster

can he be a Knight of round???? (idea not mine,someone just pointed it out in another forum)

but he could also be a prince…

C.C. to Lelouch :

Come your Journey is over

You are released from this world

That’s why

You can rest slowly within me

Dreams continues for all eternity afterall

Good Night, Lelouch

Note: From NewType6 “not sure what year but filename says so…

and I thought I cant find this (I mean extinct forever)

What you all think? Is Lelouch alive? dead? or just sleeping?

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