Zero Requiem’s recap episode and C.C. monologue. (2008)

This doesn’t prove anything, just a recap to prepare fans for upcoming projects regarding Geass.

Which was right, coz now we are all looking forward to Akito the Exiled and Lelouch own movie.

Difference of this special edition and r2 final turn.

CC and the cart driver is replace with a different monologue.

That doesn’t prove anything.

Ooh I forgot, also Kallen’s scene which she says the world is focusing all of its resources on food. 

and I think C.C. says that monologue on the above video when she was on the church and everyone is celebrating the Emperor has died. (Yes I think this is the monologue before CC went out and find the wagon driver which happens many months after Zero Requiem - coz we already saw Villeta married and pregnant, Kallen goes to school after school is damage during the war) …