Since I took the time to fill in the missing bottom from the original I’d figure I’d post it. x_x haven’t used Photoshop in years! I have the figurine based of this drawing…too damn cute!


Minekura just posted this on her twitter and I am about to have a heart attack.

Rude bastard.

No copyright intended, Images are owned by Kazuya Minekura, I dont own them…

I do not own this images they are property of Kazuya Minekura… No Copyright Infringement intended.

CODE GEASS: I Am the Garden of Reminiscence


Title: I Am the Garden of Reminiscence
Manga: Toujou Chika
Characters: C.C.
Rating: G
Scanlation: Eggy. Thank you to the lovely Charis for sending me the booklet! ♥♥
Story: This is a one-shot from C.C.’s point of view after Stage 25. She thinks about her contractors, past and present. Mentions Renya and Lelouch, plus a few appearances by Leila and Akito.
Last updated: 2013-10-30

Please do not redistribute, re-upload other sites, or claim as your own! If sharing, please link back to this post.

Self-checked, so if you notice any mistakes, kindly point them out by sending in a message, thanks!

Read from right to left. Download link available under the cut.

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Masked Men's History, Naked Memory
original photo memorial
shared memories
 -- Zero and Lelouch: Student Council Album --
(writer: 加納 新太 | Kanou Arata)

G: Hey, President Rivalz. …oh, what’s that?
K: It’s an album of Lelouch’s and Zero’s photos.
R: Kallen told us before, didn’t she. About Zero and…Lelouch.
G: Oh, yeah…
R: About the hero Zero, and the Emperor Lelouch, and the Lelouch we knew.
R: But to us they’re intertwined. So I thought that maybe you guys would think it’s a bad idea to collect these pictures in the one place.
G: I see…I’m actually a little interested myself.
K: See, it’s fine so show us already!
G: Okay, okay. Shall we look at them one by one — ?

G = Gino; K = Kallen; R = Rivalz. Info + translations under the cut.

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